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Silicone keypads

Mobile phone keypads are our forte. All major brands look to us for their mobile keypads for our quality products and malleability to design.

Dashboard Switches

Dashboard Switches for Automobiles

Sleek, tactile, and within your style, we produce the best switches for all creative dashboard designs.

What Silkee Can Do

Silkee is our one stop solution for silicone buttons and keypads manufacturing. We have all the facilities to meet your needs par quality, and with it all being done inhouse, we can guarantee the best delivery times.

Design and R&D

We cater to your designs. Our R&D department is constantly innovating newer and better designs for silicone buttons and keypads, to ensure you get the best of what is available in the market for your specific needs.

Compression Moulding

Once the design is in place, we create the mould for the silicone buttons/keypads. These ensure that the buttons stick to the exact shape and design to give your product the premium and perfect finish.

Injection Moulding

The plastic injection process is done exactly to ensure no wastage so you pay only for what you get. The raw materials are processed as per industry standards, assuring you get the best quality silicone for your products.

Screen Printing

Our printing ensures the keypads and buttons come out exactly to your design. We guarantee longevity of the print on the buttons even after usage, ensuring the design looks fresh for longer.


We offer several customisation options for your buttons and keypads, so you can meet your design requirements to the tee. Our colour spraying process is exact and perfect to ensure your visions come to life just as you want them.

Laser Marking

Unleash precision and beauty with our laser marking process, creating backlit keypads that captivate and illuminate.


Finally we assemble all the buttons for the keypad and assemble the final piece, which will be ready for installation as per your design requirements. No wastage, no extras.

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