General Keypads

The feel and press of our silicone keypads are satisfying, maintaining their integrity in any design you could create.

Automobile Keypads and Buttons

Add to the sleek design of your automobile with our custom and quality silicone keypads.

A Button Press For The Future

We manufacture keypads and buttons with a variety of design options, allowing your creativity to be future-proof.

Process Excellence

Design House

Board Portfolio

World Class Warehouse

Manufacturing A Silicone Future

At Sil-kee we have always aimed at the future by perfecting the present. Our keypads and buttons made with versatile silicon, are the best solutions for all your silicone needs.

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Tool Room

Capability - 6 keypad moulding Tools/month
  • CNC Tool Milling m/cs Maho, Deckel & Bridge Port
  • CAD-CAM Software Smart cam, Master cam & DelCam
  • EDM
  • Large precision surface grinder
  • Milling m/c with DRO


  • Design & mfr. Of Precision tools for Keypads, Master cam used in Tool manufacturing can accept ProE part files.
  • Silicone rubber compounding Shore ‘A’ Hardness from 40 to 70
  • Compression Moulding Keypads in PLC controlled Vacuum Compression moulding presses of 200/250 tons
  • Injection moulding Precision Plastic parts
  • Screen Printing & Pad printing of keypads
Our Products

Silicone Manufacturing for Your Designs

silicone keypads manufacturer

Silicone Keypads

Mobile phone keypads are our forte. All major brands look to us for their mobile keypads for our quality products and malleability to design.

dashboard switches manufacturer

Dashboard Switches for Automobiles

Sleek, tactile, and within your style, we produce the best switches for all creative dashboard designs.

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Manufacturing Satisfaction Through Silicone

Our on-call sales team have an in-depth understanding of Silicone and it's manufacturing, and will be the perfect people to assist and provide you with all the details you need for your projects. With expertise and professionalism, you can expect nothing less of the best of Silicone manufacturing from us. We are eager to hear from and work with you, please do get in touch!

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