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  Rubber Key pads     Key pads for mobile phones
Rubber Key pads

Silkee will offer suitable design for applications like telephones, Remotes, Medical equipments, Hand held instruments and gadgets and even to critical applications like Defense and Aero Space

Production Centres:
Electronic City, Bangalore

Key pads for mobile phones

In association with its Korean partner M Solver, it can offer from 1st. to 8th. generation Keypads for mobile phones, from full rubber pads to slim type with EL and other light guiding features to meet the cost and functional needs of the customer.
Production Centres:
Industrial Area, Bangalore
Process capabilities
Silicon rubber compounding & Precision molding
Design & mfr. Of Precision tools for Rubber & Plastic
 Injection molding Precision thin walled Plastic parts
Robot Spray coating on key-tops in clean room.
Laser etching on keypads for back lighted keypads.
Printing, epoxy or clear PU coating with UV curing
Assembly of Mobile phone Key pads with XY robots with press cure or UV curing adhesive with special bonding strength.
Quality management system in all the above processes for continuous and sustained improvement in cost control and quality.
Silkee Mobile Keypads
Silkee Remote & Telephone Keypads
Silkee Industrial Keypads
Silkee Industrial Keypads
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To know more about our facilities, mail us:silkee@silkee.in   
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